The 2.8L Duramax in its factory trim is rated at 180 HP by GM and carries a full compliment of emissions equipment to keep it clean and quiet.  Backing up the new powerplant is the 6L50 transmission.  Both the engine and transmission use existing powertrain control modules which have allowed the team at to quickly gain access and make improvements. Over the past several months, we've worked with our customers and in-house on our truck to develop and test tuning for this platform. After hundreds of revisions, we're happy to have a product that significantly outperforms GM's calibration in power, driveability and mileage.  


This Includeds a DSP4 switch, Autocal, Transmission Tuning.


Power Levels are

1. (Optimized Stock +10HP)

2. Tow Tune (+32HP/30Ft-lbs)

3. Sport Economy Tune (+45HP / 60Ft-Lbs)

4. Performance Tune (+52HP/80Ft-lbs)

2.8L Duramax Colorado/Canyon DSP4 Tuning

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