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FASS Fuel Systems Dura-Max Diesel Lift Pump 2001-2010 GM Duramax 6.6L (DMAX-7001)

Duramax diesel engines do not come with a factory lift pump, this is why Duramax owners see such great performance and economy gains after installing an aftermarket diesel fuel lift pump. When the factory CP3 injection pump pulls fuel under a vacuum it can introduce air and vapor into your fuel, which can lead to injector failure. The D-Max Flow Enhancer has been designed to provide your Duramax engine with a constant 8 PSI fuel pressure, aiding the injection system by reduce the amount of work your factory injection pump has to perform, extending its expected life and improving performance gains from aftermarket tuning products. Since the D-Max Flow Enhancer is a "pusher" pump, all fuel is placed under pressure, helping prevent the introduction of air and vapor.

D-Max Diesel Fuel Pump Flow Enhancer 2001-2010

SKU: DMAX-7001
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