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300 rwhp to 425 rwhp in less than a second. The Jack is designed for Stock Transmission Trucks and a Stock Turbo Charger. 

Cumminstuner's Jack offers the best in tuning calibrations for your stock 5.9L or 6.7L Cummins. We use EFILive tuning software and years of tuning experience to make sure your truck runs like no other. Our CSP tunes allow you to switch your tunes on the fly! No more stopping to switch tunes or waiting for tunes to load. You can change tunes while driving your truck. Purchase the CSP switch and all you will have to do to change tunes is turn a knob! It's as easy as changing your radio station. Imagine, going from 300 rwhp to 425 rwhp with the turn of a knob!

Cummins 06-09 5.9/6.7 EFI Live Tuning

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